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A Unique Catering Experience


We can provide a succulent hog roast for your party served in a roll with apple sauce, stuffing and of course crispy crackling. Or if you like we can also provide freshly made salads and potatoes served alfresco on good quality disposable crockery. Perfect for any event. Our service does not end there if you are having a more formal event or a wedding we can provide the whole catering service with canapés, main course served on real crockery and followed by one of our delicious deserts. This can all be backed up by our full catering team and waiting staff.


In the past we have provided catering to private parties and events across Berkshire from Maidenhead to Caversham and we have enjoyed all the parties we have been involved with. As well as the guests enjoying succulent beef, pork and chicken roasted on our spit machines our machines are a good method of keeping guests attention and keeping them entertained. A hog roast machine is a spectacle as well as a catering option at your next party or family event. In terms of corporate events we are experienced in providing catering and food for business, corporate and promotional events. We offer a clean professional service for your event and a package and menu to suit your needs. We can take care all the hassle out of your event or organisation.


As we have provided catering for office parties, functions and business meetings all over Berkshire including a hog roast party. Our professional team Is expert in organising and catering for large groups of people and our success and the popularity of organic food has seen us become a popular catering option at weddings. Although the hog roast is a traditional cooking method steeped in history it has become a talking point and must have at most modern weddings. In a move away from traditional formal weddings our customers are opting for a more hands on honest and informal option with a hog roast machine. During the summer a hog roast or roasting machine is ideal for an outdoor reception. During winter the roasting machines can be used indoors to provide hot healthy warm food delivered straight from the spit.


We’re confident that our involvement will not only improve the event, but increase turn-out and revenue(If you’re a pub or simply charging admissions, etc). The theatre of a good old fashioned spit roast is as good as they come and sure to turn some heads, while getting folks talking. And who better than Barkham Manor farm? Our hog roast catering team is only content with only the greatest of services. That’s why we shun the rest and make all our spit roasting machines in-house. Optimised and crafted by our experts, we use second-to-none machines for the best results. A common question we get about our machines is just what they can cook – is it only hogs? Our spit roasting machines can actually cook any number of meats, and even non-meats — from strip loins of prime beef, whole lambs, chickens(35 in but 2 hours) and in the spirit of Bonfire Night, an army of jacket potatoes! Thanks to our own custom attachments, we can cook a wide range of things.


Our hog roast services won’t just leave you with a stress-free event, you’ll also be receiving some of the finest food there is. Everything we make is of the highest culinary quality, with taste that can only be reached with our custom-tailored machines and expert staff. We take the art of spit roasting very seriously indeed; highlighted by both our custom-built hog roasting machines and the strict quality requirements we set ourselves. We ethically source premium meats and produce from trusted, proven suppliers.


Be it the hogs themselves or chickens, potatoes, and even the herbs! With a host of side dishes also readily available, the supreme standards of our catering service, as well as the pleasure and enjoyment our clients and guests get from the service, we know that we’re the right choice for you. As the client you get to dictate the menu — the seasoning and marinade, meats, side dishes etc, are entirely of your choosing. We can also provide Kosher or Halal meat where required. If you’d like some more information on the food we can provide and cook, please do take a look at our menus. Don’t be put off if what you require or have in mind isn’t on there either, as you can get in touch with us to discuss alterations of custom menus.


Contrary to other spit roast and hog roast companies, all our pigs(or lambs, chickens, turkeys etc) are cooked on site, for the entertainment of your guests—and of course the superior taste and quality of freshly cooked meats that go hand-in-hand with spit roasting. This means the hog will take a good number of hours to cook. With that in mind, and regardless of event size, be ready for us to arrive a bit early! We like to look at this as a positive, though. As one of our fully trained chefs will always be about to take any late questions, concerns and curiosities you might have. While the rest of our team are always around and available to help you with any pre-party preparations(laying tables, organising seating etc). If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we look forward to hearing from you and welcome any further questions you may have.