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Created by Jon Cheal

Spitting Pig Berkshire

By Roy Maslin, Apr 1 2014 09:44PM

Leave the farm house at 6.45am check the dogs are alright then walk around pickup dog poo, Geoff arrives by 7.30am, Send Geoff up to feed pigs I follow up a little later check to see everything is ok take a look at pigs make sure all are in good health and shape, 10am then time for a cuppa.

After coffee, time to clean hog roasters this keeps us busy for a few hours, in the mean time James arrived at 8am and started his day in the office followed by Lauren at 9am, Lauren has a busy time after the weekend getting organised ready for the coming weekend as we are getting busier heading into the new season for our hog roast. Her task is to call the customers to go through the workings of each individual job and make sure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, also to catch up on the emails from the weekend, this will take up all day until she leaves at 2.30pm.

James is in the office most of the day working out the jobs shopping lists inventories and itineraries this is a time consuming job in its self, also will help Lauren on the emails.

1.30pm is that the time already better stop for something to eat, this takes about 30 minutes as we still have a lot to catch up on, after an egg sandwhich or two and a cuppa time to crack on with the roasting machines they need to be cleaned spotless ready for next time.

After all machines are cleaned and checked over they are put away, now it's time for me to go in the office to catch up with all the bits I have to do accounts up to date, Phone calls, all pretty mundane to me but needs to be kept on top of.

Geoff in the meantime is in the cold room cleaning and will disinfect the floor and leave ready for pigs to go in on Wednesday after collecting from the Abotoir, also will clean floor in the butchery this takes him upto 5pm when he leaves.

5pm already James leaves just me left in the office.

7pm it's dark outside time to pack up, dinner is on the table I've had enough.

This has been a relatively busy day but come the weekend it all gets a bit manic we have to get it right early in the week otherwise it would be near impossible.